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Exhibition – Is this YOUR reason?

Exhibition Attractions

Are you exhibiting at an exhibition or tradeshow? However these cost an absolute fortune. So it is vital that you maximise visitors to your stand in the most efficient way to get a good return on your ROI.

When asking exhibitors, we found that the main reason that people were exhibiting, was to collect leads – and from this, they would get new customers (as well as hopefully renewing contact with those existing customers that were attending the exhibition)

Its all very well to attend exhibitions but whats the point if you can’t get them to your stand? – you need a good method of drawing them to your stand.

Popular methods are competitions, entertainment and giveaways.

However people really are fed up with the standard giveaways like pens, mints, pads etc…

Food is a great way to attract visitors do this – everyone loves food and while they are eating, it allows you to chat to them and ‘do your bit’….

But not the standard food giveaways….

The best giveaways are the ones with a pleasant aroma – one that draws the crowds. Warm food is always very popular.

And don’t just give away food – you want something in return! – You want their business card or a scan from their badge.

Another big advantage is the food giveaways attract the media – their is nothing to be beat getting relevant articles in trade press publications.

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