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Churros Luxury CartFrom the attractive cart to the wonderful churros aroma, our churros make any event special.

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Churros can be served in many wonderful ways – just look at the pictures below… Perhaps on their own with just a a drizzle of chocolate sauce? or ‘go mad’ and make them a into a serious desert. Either way, a great, exciting addition for your event.

…light and crisp on the outside yet beatifully soft, doughy and tender on the inside…

Churros are delicious spanish-style finger donuts – crispier than normal donuts and finger-shaped. These are usually served with sugar, chocolate etc.

Our churos are not deep fried – this makes them really tasty and perfectly crafted.

NO OIL OR DEEP FRYER NEEDED – Our Churros mix is all you need to get delicious churros – no deep fryer, no drums of oil etc – no oil mess – no oil ‘safety issues’ – this makes production at your event very simple and easy.

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Churros - Fry Free Churros Production from A1 Funfood Hire

Churros Fry-Free Maker from A1 Funfood Hire

Churros in a bxx from A1 Funfood Hire

Churros Sample-1 from A1 Funfood Hire

Churros sample plate of delight - from A1 Funfood Hire

Churros sample - delicious, fry-free, spanish finger donuts

Simple Delight - coffee and churros!